Jerny introduced me to new training program a few months ago; my health, attitude and way of life could not be any better.  I have lost my stomach fat and gained more lean muscle.

I feel better then ever.  Thank you Jerny for everything; I feel like a new man and look great.  What else can I say? Jerny is a professional.

Eric W

Software Executive

I can honestly say that Jerny has changed my life in a big way.  In 8-months I have lost 42 LBS. and I am down to 14% body fat.

While I have been working out for many years it was Jerny that got me focused and on the right track from a nutritional standpoint and it has made all the difference.
I have never had so many people tell me how good I look and the best part is it was easy. I now understand what I should eat, never hungry, and never even focused on losing weight, it just came off.  And, the bottom line is I have no concerns about ever gaining it back!

Jack N

Executive Professional

I trained with Jerny enjoying water fitness, small group strength training, and yoga. I really appreciated that Jerny was always mindful of what her clients limitations were, yet she also knew when to push harder! Jerny did a fabulous job of small group strength training. I was amazed at how well she juggled directing each of us, with our varying capabilities, doing non-stop exercises. It was Jernys cheerful, high energy and genuine interest in my well being that kept me coming back for more!

Gabrielle B

Business Owner

As a 81 year old male, I worked out five times a week, played golf twice a week and still maintain an active working position full time.  My workout regimen was not as fulfilling as I wanted, and I was struggling from many previous injuries. Over the years I have had major surgery on my cervical spine, my lumbar spine, and my right shoulder. Then I met Jerny, almost 2 years ago, who established a program of exercises that produced highly satisfactory results.

I lost 14 pounds, and now boast, I am back to my high school weight, my balance and agility have dramatically improved and I have, with Jerny’s help include swimming in my exercise routine.  Jerny is the consummate professional, very well trained, and knowledgeable.  I strongly recommend her as a highly qualified trainer.

Ron R

Corporate Director

Jerny is a great example of when kindness and compassion meets education and intellect. She is a tremendous trainer and educator, and even better person.

Johnny H

Professional Athlete

Jerny is so knowledgeable and friendly. She suggested I start a running program.  I was not a runner and did not run unless I was being chased. I grew up with severe asthma and was never the athletic one. However, Jerny was so encouraging, and this past January I just completed my first full marathon! Jerny inspired me to be a runner and not quit, despite physical limitations. Every race as I line up on start line I ask myself would I be doing this if it wasn’t for Jerny? Honestly, the answer is no. She changed my life, and I now consider myself a runner.

Lisa S

Registered Nurse

I have been a client of Jerny’s since 2007. Between my work schedule and my kid’s sports schedules, I don’t have much free time.  I like to get my workouts done as quickly and efficiently as possible, and with Jerny’s help, I have been able to accomplish that for many years now.

I had never worked out at a gym and had never done any kind of strength training.  What I needed was someone to create an exercise plan for me that I could follow on my own.  I got that and so much more from Jerny!  Over the years, she has developed workout plans for me specifically tailored to meet my goals. She has taught me that working out at a high intensity all the time isn’t in my best interest. I learned that strength training,  in additional to cardio, is the key to staying in great shape. I have also learned a lot about nutrition and how to eat in way that is perfect for my body.

At the age of 43, I can honestly say that I am in THE best shape of my life.  I am stronger and more physically fit now than I ever was playing soccer, basketball or dancing when I was growing up.  I could not have gotten to where I am today without the guidance and support that Jerny has given me over the years.  She is a wealth of information and can provide you with all the tools you need to be successful!

Beth B

Teacher and business owner

Jerny has dedicated her professional life to peoples’ health and fitness. She is a ravenous lifelong learner committed to maintaining a high level of expertise with current developments in the science of human health. Even better, she is passionate about not just her clients' health, but their complete well-being. I’ve seen her become close friends with many of them as a natural outflow of her deep personal commitment to helping them succeed in their personal health goals. I highly recommend her.

Mark B Consultant

Business Owner

With Jerny’s help and guidance, I have learned and incorporated the most impactful exercises and philosophies into my busy routine. Once at 240 lbs., sluggish, tired and frustrated about my results, I’m now at 205 lbs, more energetic and productive than I’ve been in the last decade. Jerny has the experience, tools and understanding to help anyone reach their goals. Couldn’t be happier with the results Jerny has helped me achieve!!

Cory Y

Business Owner